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Love Doesn’t Exist [Daily Love Letter 7]


Technically love doesn’t exist. For something to exist it must be seen and grasped. When added to a list of 10 items you would then have 11 items. But love doesn’t work like that. Love doesn’t exist, but rather it brings all things into existence. We cannot see love, but love allows us to see everything differently. Like a pair of glasses.

When love is added to a list of 10 items you do not have 11, but infinity. You are able to see the 10 items you always had in a new light. In fact, it’s much like light. When a light turns on in a room you do not look at the light. You look at what the light illuminates. Love does not exist, because it cannot illuminate itself; it cannot call attention to itself. Rather, love illuminates others, like light illuminates others. Love calls your attention to everyone and everything around you.

And once you’re able to see everything with the lens of love, nothing will look the same ever again.


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