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The Four Loves [Daily Love Letter 3]


Love is a difficult word to describe, especially in the English language. You can say you love tacos, you love your cousin, you love your spouse, and you love your life, and in all those statements you are talking about different kinds of love.

The Greeks had four words for talking about love:

Storge – enjoying someone for their familiarity, whether that’s family or old friends

Philia – the strong and unbreakable bond between best friends

Eros – sexual desire; the root word for erotic

Agape – unconditional love; to love with no bounds, even without reciprocation

We experience the first three loves all the time, but it’s this fourth kind of love that can revolutionize how we love others. In fact, all these love letters will be talking about that kind of love.

Agape is the type of love that none of us deserve and yet we all need. It’s the type of love that chooses to forgive endlessly, and embrace people for the simple fact that we’re all human.

It’s about no longer seeing people as a means to an end, but seeing everyone as an end in itself. Approach all people as if just interacting with them is the final and most perfect goal you could ask for. Appreciate people for simply being human. To love without condition is the only love that grows us. It reminds us that we are valued no matter what we do. When we start from that truth then we’re truly able to go anywhere.


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