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Tiny Steps Forward [Daily Love Letter 9]


When we decide to choose the way of love we could easily get distracted looking for the next giant humanitarian act to throw ourselves into. When that’s our goal then we end up disappointed and defeated most days. Small acts of love and tiny movements toward growing in lovingkindness are all just as important.

We often see our lives as a movie and expect to go through changes through significant traumas or celebrations. And sometimes we do, but the most of our growth actually occurs through tiny movements each day. These movements aren’t noticeable as they occur. You may even get down on yourself thinking you’re not growing in love at all. The realization only comes much later when you’re able to look back on your life and say “Hey, I’ve actually been doing a lot better than I was before.” That’s how growth actually works.

Most people don’t want to participate in this small gradual growth because they don’t see instant results. When you have that attitude you stay stuck, never making any movement at all. Choose love today even if it’s the tiniest baby step toward your growth. Every step counts. Three steps forward and two steps back could feel like failure, but when it happens over and over you’ll one day see you’re a lot further along than when you started.



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