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Wabi Sabi [Daily Love Letter 2]

wabi sabi


I’m a huge fan of words. I especially love words that don’t have easy definitions. One of those words is the Japanese word Wabi Sabi. It can’t easily be translated to English but it refers to the value and beauty of all things that are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It’s even a popular aesthetic in Japanese art. A Wabi Sabi art piece would present a vase but highlight the crack in the vase — or perhaps even fill in the crack with gold.

I see this as a beautiful analogy for how we can see each other. We’re all broken and imperfect. Our real beauty is in our unique quirks and imperfections that can only be seen and appreciated when we slow down and pay attention.

All things are impermanent.

All things are imperfect.

All things are incomplete.

And that means we all have room to grow and learn, so be more gracious with others and celebrate any small movement of growth or learning experience however you experience it.

You’re lovely just the way you are.

So is everyone else.

So love yourself and others a little bit more today. We all can use it.


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